Festival Playhouse Newsletter- Week 6 SP’20

Dear Friends,

Please PLEASE click and watch each of the links provided in this email….!!

And now, onto the news…

  • What HAVE our theatre teachers been doing anyway?  Well, we’re just as confused as all of you. So, during our virtual team meeting this week, we wondered if we could figure out how to have an online discussion about collaborating on Silent Sky. Faculty Meeting Clip
  • What’s happening with fall?  Well, whether or not the sky is still falling, we ARE going to produce Kokoro this fall.  Ren will serve as Artistic Director, and we hope to have a student director involved with the project (else, Ren will also serve as the director).  Like every play, we need actors, technicians, designers, etc.  We know some of our Seniors will be working on the production as part of their SIP.  GREAT.  HOW are we going to produce this play?  What will the final “output” be?  That we don’t know. But we do know that we can figure out how to collaborate, design, brainstorm, create, and tell stories.  THAT we can do.  And.  We will.
  • What’s happening with the season?  Well for now, our season is unchanged.  Devised Theatre (directed by Guest-Artist-in-Residence Emilio Rodriguez) and Kokoro (artistic director and guide Ren Berthel).  Be More Chill in Winter (directed by the inimitable Mr. Jon Reeves).  And in Spring, The Compass (will announce director as soon as we’re able).  IF we can NOT “produce” the Devised Theatre piece in Fall, I would cancel The Compass, and we would move the Devised Theatre piece to Spring term.  So.  We have a plan.  And, we can adjust and be flexible as needed or necessary.  The message we want ALL of us to hear is:  we ARE going to be doing theatre.
  • Lanny has a secret?  What is it??  You may not know this about me.  I LOVE doing theatre.  And I love WORKING on theatre.  And, I love working WITH students and collaborative artists MAKING theatre.  I miss it.  This message from Artist Director Joseph Haj of The Guthrie (it’s just under 5”) reflects my own sentiments and I suspect resonates with many of you as well.
  • TODAY IS ART HOP in Kalamazoo, MI.  And, the ever-fabulous Jon Reeves continues to exercise his gifts of making and creating art…  

I’ll end on a personal note.  I shared with colleagues this week that never have I worked longer on projects, with less productivity, to achieve such mediocrity.  If you’re feeling that way too, don’t beat yourself up about it. You are NOT alone.   I also shared with colleagues this week that ARTISTS and STORYTELLERS are the best at problem-solving.  It really is what we do.  And I know that we will continue to move forward, to make art, to tell stories, and collaborate with others’ who also LOVE to be doing the same thing.

Because.  It’s what we do.

OK – enough from me – I’ll leave you with something fun:  Popular Google Doodles

On behalf of our entire crazy screwball department (did you watch the video yet?)… we miss you.

Warmly, and with deep appreciation for your work,


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