Festival Playhouse Newsletter- Week 4 FA’20

Good morning Festival Playhouse Afficionado,

Yes, Yes, Yes I do know it is Monday of Week 5 – but I actually FORGOT to send out our Festival email this weekend, and with the weather as glorious as it’s been, I spent my weekend outside with the dogs.  It was glorious.  I hope you all have had a chance to enjoy the weather wherever you may be….

I DID want to share a few things with you for the week, hence the reason why you are receiving this on Monday.


Did you know that we are producing two plays this fall at Festival Playhouse? 

  • Kokoro | directed by Ynika Yuag
    • 10/22 | Weather Permitting – OPEN (Playhouse Patio) – Thursday – Curtain at 5p
    • 10/23 | Weather Permitting – Live Stream Performance – Friday (Playhouse Patio) – Curtain at 5p
    • IF SATURDAY PERFORMANCE NEEDED…. Saturday (Lobby – VERY limited seating at House Manager’s Discretion) – Curtain at 2p
  • “K” | our devised play directed by Emilio Rodriguez
    • We plan to roll this one out in 8th week.  Stay tuned!
  • It Can’t Happen Here |  Berkely Rep is doing a radio drama of It Can’t Happen Here.  We produced this chilling dramatized content from Upton Sinclair’s novel a few years ago, which eerily reflects the current political climate we see today.
  • American Dreams |  I had an opportunity to chat with the brilliant Jens Rasmussen this weekend about his production that has received great reviews. Check it out!


  • The American College Theatre Festival is accepting work for the regional festival… 10-minute plays, one-act plays, and full-length plays.  About 3 weeks to go before the deadline.  We have some GREAT playwrights here.  I hope you will consider submitting your work.  
  • Last day to submit to The Grand Theater.  Producing a two-day virtual festival this November called “The New Normal.” With the goal of celebrating creativity during uncertain times and supporting emerging artists, event will feature original pieces from five featured artists across any genre of the performing arts We’re accepting submissions until October 12! For more information, feel free to take a look at our Submission Guidelines and the New Normal Page on our website. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email Kate at kkreiss@grandtheater.org.

Last, the Lighting Director at the Sydney Opera House shared this article with me… A reminder of the importance of keeping ourselfs (sic) fully engaged and healthy. 

If there is anything I am able to do for you, please let me know.  We are always better together.

KEEP DOING THEATRE – we need you



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