Department Awards

As a department, we are proud of the hard work that our students do. Every year, at the college’s Honor’s convocation, we honor students with awards based on outstanding achievement in different parts of the department.

Theatre Arts Department Awards and Previous Recipients

The Irmagard Kowatzki Theatre Award: awarded to the senior who has excelled both in academic areas and in theatrical productions during the four years at the College.


2020: Aly Homminga ’20

2019: Kate Kreiss ’19

2018: Lauren Landman ’18 

2017: Sarah Levett ’17

Ruth Scott Chenery Award: given to graduating seniors who have excelled academically and in theatre and who plan to continue the study of theatre arts following graduation. 


2020: Sophia Hill ’20, Aly Homminga ’20, Mars Wilson ’20

2019: Hunter Himelhoch ’19

2018: Johanna Keller Flores, Samuel Meyers ’18

2017: Thaddeus Martin Buttrey, Monica Johnson, Kyle Lampar, Sarah Levett, Lindsay Worthington ’17

The Sherwood Prize: given for the best oral presentation in a speech-oriented class.


2019: Rebecca Chan ’22

2018: Christina Diaz ’21

2017: Cody Colvin ’18, Quincy Crosby ’17

Cooper Award: established by the late Charles Cooper, College Trustee, for a junior or senior showing excellence in a piece of creative work in a theatre arts class: film, acting, design, stagecraft, puppetry, or speech.


2019: Maria Jensen ’20

2018: Aly Homminga ’20, Mars Wilson ’20

2017: Kate Kreiss ’19, Madison Donoho ’17

2016: Quincy Crosby ’17

2015: Cameron Schneeberger ’16

The Charles Tully Design Award: given annually to a senior who has achieved excellence in some aspect of theatre design.


2018: Carlos Enrique Arellano ’18, Stina Taylor ’18

2017: Lindsay Worthington ’17

Outstanding First Year Theatre Award: given to selected sophomore students who excelled in their theatre studies as first years.


2019: Rebecca Chan ’22

2018: Ynika Yuag ’21 and Christina Diaz ’21

2017: Aly Homminga ’20 and Sophie Hill ’20

2016: Kate Kreiss ’19, Robert Davis ’19, Maren Prophit ’19, Louise Thomas ’19

2015: Lauren Landman ’18, Samuel Meyers ’18, Stina Taylor ’18