Play Selection Advisory Council (PSAC)

PSAC? What is PSAC?

For decades, PSAC has been the student group that meets weekly Fall quarter to discuss and select potential plays for the upcoming Festival Playhouse season. We honor and value the thoughts and opinions of our students—and the department uses PSAC as an opportunity to make sure students’ voices are heard in the play selection process.

Students select shows to read and report on those shows, stating whether or not they endorse the play for the upcoming or any future season, giving a short synopsis of the show and details such as cast size, appropriateness for student actors, representation and inclusion of actors of color, opportunities for theatre as an educational experience, etc.

Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the department reading list and discover plays they like on their own.

For ideas of plays to read, refer to the Department Reading List, or search for new plays on New Play Exchange.