Fall ’23 Newsletters

Week 1

Dear friend of the Festival Playhouse, 

Welcome back!

Congratulations on surviving the first week of the new academic year! We are so happy to see so many new faces and old friends. 

A message from DSA Brooklyn Moore… “I love all of you and the first week isn’t going to kill all of us!”

We have some great news and important reminders to kick off the year!

Playhouse Creatures:

  1. Thank you to everyone who applied to and auditioned for our fall production, Playhouse Creatures! As of today, the show has been cast, and rehearsals will be underway soon. We have also received a massive amount of production applications (yay!), so if you have not been informed of your position yet, please know that you will have a position and we are still sorting through those now. Production applications are still open, and you can find the online form here
  2. This leads us to our second announcement: the company meeting. The all-company meeting will be THIS MONDAY at 6:30pm. If you have a position on this production or have applied for one, this meeting is mandatory. We will be going over THEA-200 credits and how to apply for them, emergency contact forms, company contracts, and clarifying questions about positions and their responsibilities. If you are absolutely unable to attend this meeting, please contact stage manager Helen Stoy at helen.stoy22@kzoo.edu.

What’s coming up next week?

  1. PSAC!!! Join the Play Selection Advisory Committee this upcoming Friday (Sept 22) in the seminar library (located in the lower FAB). PSAC meets every EVEN week (week 2, week 4, and so on…) to discuss potential plays for the next season. AND you can get .25 of a credit to do it! 
  2. K Fest! On Wednesday (Sept 20) from 4:00-7:00 pm on the Quad. This is a great way to get some free food and check out some of K’s clubs and organizations! Make sure you stop by the theatre department’s table to say hi! 
  3. GLCA virtual fair! The GLCA, or the Great Lakes College Association, is a collection of private colleges around the Great Lakes which provide opportunities to connect their students to educational study away programs around the country. One of these programs is the winter New York City fine arts program. Learn more about this program and more on Tuesday (Sept 26) from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. Sign up for this opportunity through the CCPD. 
  4. NYAP Applications! For students applying for this year’s winter term with the New York Arts program, this is a reminder that applications are due Thursday (Sept 21). If you have any questions, would like a second set of eyes before you submit, or if you’re a first-year/sophomore wondering how you can take advantage of this opportunity, contact K’s NYAP representative Megan Herbst at megan.herbst21@kzoo.edu. 

One more thing!

We would like to welcome our newly hired Company Manager, Kirsten Sluyter! Kirsten previously worked as the Arts Administrative Assistant over at Western Michigan University and we’re so excited to work with her starting this term. She will be joining us in a few weeks so please come by the Production Office and say hi!

That’s all we have for this week! We’re off to a great start to a great season! Best of luck to everyone with the rest of their term. We hope to see all of you around the theater!

Best Regards, 

Helen and Megan

SM and ASM – Playhouse Creatures