Major and Minor Requirements

Requirements For the Major In Theatre Arts

Number of Units
Ten units are required.

Required Courses

Foundations (Two units to be completed in first year):
THEA 110 Stagecraft
THEA 120 Fundamentals of Acting

Explorations (Four units to be completed, if possible, by end of second year):
One design course (to be completed by end of sophomore year) chosen from among:
THEA 210 Stage Lighting
THEA 235 Costuming & Stage Makeup
THEA 240 Scenic Design

Two theatre histories chosen from:
THEA 155 Introduction to African-American Theatre
THEA 265 First Theatres (Sophomore Seminar)
THEA 270 Theatre of Illusionism
THEA 280 Theatre of Revolt: Modernism and Postmodernism
THEA 290 Asian Theatre

One dramatic literature course chosen from:
ENGL 154 Reading the World: Global Stages
ENGL 264 Global Shakespeares
ENGL 265 Shakespeare
THEA 255 Playwriting

(Another option is that a third theatre history course may substitute for the one dramatic literature course. Appropriate courses taken at Study Abroad Centers may also be eligible.)

Connections (three units to be completed in junior and senior year):
THEA 380 Directing I
THEA 490 Senior Seminar

And at least one course chosen from among:
THEA 115 Community Dialogue Techniques
THEA 210 Stage Lighting
THEA 225 Developing a Character
THEA 235 Costuming & Stage Makeup
THEA 240 Scenic Design
THEA 305 Voice & Diction
THEA 420 Advanced Acting
THEA 445 Advanced Design
THEA 480 Advanced Directing

THEA 200 Production Practicum (one unit of four different 1/4 units)

Throughout their four years, theatre arts majors must distribute each 1/4 unit in a different area of production (acting, stage management, costuming, lighting, scenery, sound, properties, etc.)

The department believes strongly in the importance of interdisciplinary studies as a means of directly enriching a theatre focus and highly recommends cognate courses in the arts, literature, history, international area studies, writing, and women and gender studies. With the exception of the dramatic literature course, all courses for the theatre major must be taken on campus. All majors  and minors must complete one unit of THEA 200 as a graduation requirement, which is a regular part of their theatre production involvement. Please see the department faculty for specific instructions to complete the THEA 200 unit.

Requirements for the Minor in Theatre Arts

Number of Units
Six units are required.

Required Courses
One unit of THEA 200 (see THEA 200 requirement for major)
One unit from each of the following areas:
THEA 115, 120, 225, 305, 380, 420
THEA 110, 210, 235, 240
Theatre History
THEA 155, 260, 265, 270, 280, 290

Any two additional units in theatre arts.
Students should meet with department faculty when selecting this minor.