Senior Integrated Project

The Senior Integrated Project (SIP) in Theatre Arts can take a variety of forms. EXAMPLES of policy, proposal requirements, playwriting guidelines, and contract are found through the link below. If you have any questions, please contact Ren Berthel, Department Chair.

Class of 2022 SIPs:

Rebecca Chan: Radically Shameless: Creating and Performing the Original One-Person Show, Unzipped (Performance)

Class of 2021 SIPs:

Lukia Artemakis: Generation: A Playwriting SIP on Climate Change, Creativity, and Languageshing (Playwriting)

Teyia Artis: Stage Managing Kokoro (True Heart) Amidst a Global Pandemic (Stage Management)

Anais Emory: Real Life Fuckeries: A Play in One Act (Playwriting)

Chris Diaz: Crafting from the Heart: Creating Scenic Designs Even in the Worst of Times (Design)

Jules Feret: Process Review and Character Analysis of an Original Play, The Irish Ballad (Playwriting)

Rebekah Halley: An Exploration of 3D Concert Light Design Through ETC Eos Augment3d (Design)

Ellie Hughes: Centering Consent: A Study on the Recent History of Intimacy Direction in Theatre (Research)

Trevor Loduem-Jackson: Liberals: How Did I End Up Writing A Political Satire (Playwriting)

Alonté Mitchell: Pay Attention: A Play in One-Act (Playwriting)

Marie Townsend: Costuming Kokoro: Achieving an Artistic Dream in a Pandemic (Design)

Ynika Yuag: Unprecedented and Overdue: On Directing Kokoro (True Heart) by Velina Hasu Houston (Directing)

Class of 2020 SIPs:

Aly Homminga: Whining and New York Style Pizza: Directing the Original Play Wine and Pizza (Directing)

Sophie Hill: An Inexhaustible Dream of Beauty: an Act to Put Indigenous History Onstage (Playwriting)

Mars Wilson: Trans Mask: A Trio of Ten-Minute Plays (Playwriting)

Class of 2019 SIPs:

We had six seniors complete Theatre Arts SIPs in a number of different fields including: playwriting, performance, set design, lighting design, directing, and social justice.

Congratulations to all our seniors on the completion of your Theatre Arts SIPs!