Festival Playhouse Newsletter- Week 1 SP’20

Dear Friends of Festival Playhouse,

First, read the LAST part of this email (at the bottom) as it has a great introductory email from Emilio Rodriguez about our Devised Theatre Project for Spring.  Then promise me you will come back to at least read points 1, 2, and 3 below.

WE ARE making theatre this spring!

  1. First:  We ARE creating a play this Spring Term.  You can OPT IN for any portion of creating the Devised Theatre Play with Emilio by replying to him.  And, we need your help in reaching out to other students whose voices need to be included in this work, but who are not part of this Festival alias.  Please do so.  We need your help with this (as we always do!).
  2. Second: if you want to receive THEA200 credit for the Devised Theatre Workshops, we have created a THEA200-06 class for this purpose.  Email Ren if you want to be in the class (even though your work will be through Emilio).  You do not have to enroll in the THEA200 class in order to participate and develop the devised piece, but if you want to receive credit for participation, then register for section 6 of THEA200 with Ren.
  3. Third:  any questions feel free to reach out to Emilio, or also to  “C” (our dramaturg for the project).

And, other things….

  • If you are feeling depressed, please take advantage of our online counseling resources.
  • So.  I feel really weird.  I suspect many of you feel the same.  I hope it isn’t a new normal, just THIS normal at this particular moment.  There is nothing I love more than to be able to work creatively with students… we get to do theatre.  And, because of that, we are really good at problem-solving. So, please know that we are all here for one another and I’m happy to reach out to anyone, for anyone, and with anyone as you wish.
  • Please reach out especially to our Senior Students.  While this is challenging for all, I think it is particularly emotionally stressful for our seniors.  Be sure to connect with any of your senior friends as much as you are able.
  • One thing we do in our Senior Seminar course is we work on what we call “developing our leadership garden.”  This is a great time to be able to do that.

PLEASE participate and find others to participate in our Devised Theatre workshops with Emilio.

With great respect for you and your work….