Festival Playhouse Newsletter- Week 2 SP’20

Dear Festival Playhouse Friends,

Just a few thoughts for this newsletter…..

  • It is with great joy that I am finally able to announce that visiting professor “C” Heaps will be with us through the next academic year continuing to do everything that they do so well.  This is particularly great as it will be so nice to have “C” on board in fall working alongside Emilio for our Devised Theatre Project.  “C” – we appreciate you VERY much – thank you for being with us.  Send “C” a congratulatory note….!
  • I think continuing to try and do anything to make our current life “normal” is impossible, and that includes doing homework, engaging with classes, and participating in projects.  For those of you that are participating and engaging in our Devised Theatre work this Spring – THANK YOU.  It is NOT easy.  If you have interest or would like to learn more, feel free to reach out to “C” or Emilio.
  • If you would like help with a resume or a cover letter, send me what you have and I’d be happy to examine it with you and for you.  I also have some examples of resumes that you could use as a template if you don’t know where to start.
  • Grow your leadership garden…. 

In conversation with students this past week, I want to recognize and acknowledge how hard this distancing is on so many levels.  Academically, socially, support networks, just being ourselves, making and doing things.  We shall be OK, and we will succeed and see success now and in our future work and projects.  Because as artists, it’s what we do.

We WILL dance together again. We will rise up together. We will move together…

Here is my “leadership garden” inspiration for the week: Andra Day- Rise Up Together Part II 

Let me know what I can do to support you.

With great affection and appreciation for you and your work,


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