Festival Playhouse Newsletter- Week 3 SP’20

Greeting to all struggling students and staff!

Our Week Three Newsletter will be short!

  • We would like to say thank you and welcome to Sophie Hill, who has accepted to be our departmental DSA to finish up the academic year.  And, a big thank you to Mars Wilson for being our DSA in fall and winter (and who is now officially graduated!).  Thanks to you both. 
  • The production staff continues to work daily on all of the materials needed for next academic year and our production season.  We have multiple plans, ideas, and scenarios lined up as we hope for the best and plan for the worst.  And, we just wanted to share with everyone we are planning and prepared as we move forward – whatever forward looks like…  We are lining up directors, guest artists, and all sorts of great stuff for next season, and will adapt and adjust as needed.  We hope we can all be together soon.
  • We know how hard it is to concentrate and focus on anything academic (or non-academic); and, you are NOT alone!  Let me know what I or we can do to help you.  Stay safe and healthy, mentally and physically.

Grow your leadership garden… or your artistic funny-bone….

I had several links set aside from last week that I wanted to share but… it just doesn’t feel right.  So, I have only two for you.  You all know how much we at Festival Playhouse love Lin-Manuel Miranda…. a little Lin-Manuel Miranda and a little Jordan Klepper should make your weekend. 

Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton surprises little girl on John Krasinkski’s YouTube Show

Alumni Jordan Klepper reads the Mueller Report with Hillary Clinton



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