Festival Playhouse Newsletter- Week 10 SP’20

The horrific events of the past week reflect hundreds of years of thinking and behavior, and there is no denying that we are all part of the problem if we do nothing, and, we can be part of the solution if we do something.

The Green Dot slogan, “Nobody has to do everything, but everyone has to do something,” is true in this realm as well. In the end, isn’t it the same sort of thing? Power over others, dominating others = violations of fundamental human rights.

Thank you to all the students and staff who stand in solidarity with black people on campus, in our community, our country, and across the world. We stand with you.


There are a few items to share that are also part of the fabric our lives, so I share them here:

  1. Lanny’s back surgery went well. He is recovering and will be in contact as he is able. Feel free to email him well-wishes…I am sure he’d appreciate a few words of cheer during the long recovery period ahead.
  2. Bianca Washington and husband Costas are expecting their baby August 11! They are doing well at this time. Consider marking your calendars and sending her a congratulatory email in August!
  3. ArtHop has been postponed to Friday, June 12. You can participate virtually next week on the Facebook page.
  4. FaceOff Theatre will livestream two more plays to finish their season: June 26 and July 24, both at 7pm. (The first was May 28 but it was recorded if you’d like to look it up: Face-Off Theatre Facebook) See how FaceOff is keeping theatre artists and patrons connected during this pandemic. Go to Facebook Live @faceofftheatre.
  5. Arts Midwest is also sharing ways to continue doing live theatre though digitally, and recently shared this webinar: Disruption and Innovation: Creative Performing Arts Responses to COVID-19, a recording of which is on their Facebook page. Resources shared following the webinar.
  6. For those interested in Irish Playwrights, this from Lauren O’Toole (whom I had the pleasure of meeting at ACTF this year!), of The Gaiety School of Acting-The National Theatre School of Ireland:
    “We are running an online programme in lieu of our usual Irish Theatre Summer Programme – yourself or your students may be interested?  
    All the details are below, but essentially it is an opportunity to study the greats of Irish Theatre in addition to taking part in an online cultural programme.” More Information at the Gaiety School’s Website.

Thank you, All, for being part of Festival Playhouse. Thank you for making Theatre that is always provocative. Theatre that is always thoughtful. Doing this work is one of the ways we can change the way others think, and therefore be part of positive social change.

With great respect, hope, and in solidarity,


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