Festival Playhouse Newsletter- Week 2 FA’20

Dear Festival Playhouse Afficionado,

Welcome to Week Two!!

As crazy as it might seem to reflect upon this, our term is already 20% completed.  Wow.

I am going to share some reflections on the importance of doing art, and why it is so important especially now to be doing art, in the Week 3 newsletter.

However, for THIS week, I have only ONE announcement. But, it’s a super IMPORTANT announcement from our artist-in-residence Emilio Rodriguez.

Please read, share, forward, and help us out with casting of “K” if you are able… thank you!

​​Emilio Rodriguez, Artistic Director of the Black and Brown Theatre of Detroit, and guest artist-in-residence at Kalamazoo College, is directing our fall devised theatre production called “K.”

Emilio has included a bit about the play and roles we seek to fill below….

“We are looking for 6 actors to be a part of a unique theatrical experience over Zoom written by K students. We are looking for more performers to bring this new story to life. Rehearsals and recording will be done over Zoom so you can stay safe in the comfort of your own home! No previous acting experience necessary. Below are the roles we are looking to fill. Please email emilio.rodriguez@kzoo.edu at your earliest convenience if you are interested in playing any of these roles.”

  • Dante: Black Man, 22 yrs old, Senior, president of the Black Students in Business Group
  • Kalvin: 19, Leader of the BSA Black Student Association, Black of African Descent 
  • Damian: 22, E-Board Member of the Justice for all Coalition. Thinks he’s slick. He’s not. Person of color. 
  • AJ: 21, Black student football player who supports Trump. 
  • Chris: 21, Black student football player avidly against Trump and believes football is the only enjoyable thing about this campus.
  • Ranya: 22, Black and Dominican (afro-latina) student at K frustrated with the limitations and binaries of Latinx identity.

If you can help out in any way – thank you! 

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