Festival Playhouse Newsletter- Week 9 FA’20

Dear Festival Playhouse Friend,

Only two items this week, and an “I’ll try to keep it brief” reflection from Lanny….

  1. Our world premier devised theatre piece, two years in the making, “K,” drops tonight at 7:30pm, here:  https://vimeo.com/477016317.  Wonderful online content by Rebecca Chan, here:  : https://festivalplayhouse.kzoo.edu/2020/11/04/k-program/  I hope you can tune in at 7:30pm
  2. Christina Diaz has an art fair that is completely virtual! The fair will be from the 12th-15th and here is the link to register for the event: https://marwen.org/event/art-fair-2020​.  Check it out!

And now for that Brief Reflection:

I cannot think of anything more challenging than being an online college student, leaning rigorous material, AND simultaneously devising, writing, and rehearsing a play production, all during COVID. And yet, that is what our Kalamazoo College students have done. A two-year project in the making – “K” – premiers tonight at 7:30pm.

The play was devised and written this past spring completely by K students, with Jens Rasmussen of The Bechdel Project providing exploratory scenarios of discovery, Emilio Rodriguez of the Black and Brown Theatre Company providing guidance and sustaining support, spirit, and camaraderie, and dramaturgy provided by “C” Heaps.  The play has REHEARSED this fall, with Lori Sands costume designing, students from WMU’s animation department providing content, and Cody Colvin of ColvinTheatrical bringing it all together.  The play explores whiteness, social justice themes, and who gets to tell the story.  This time, we get to tell #ourstory.

A shout out to ALL who have been involved with this project.  I can’t wait.

Do NOT EVER stop nurturing your creative spirit.  How we create may change.  How we communicate may need to adapt.  But the need to create never ends.  #luckyme to GET to work with people who #neverstop.

I appreciate each of you.


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