Festival Playhouse Newsletter- Week 10 SP’21

It’s Week 10 and our last week of the school year, if I can get a little sappy over here about 2 things:

First, Congratulations Theatre Seniors! Of course every senior class is special, but I was hired in 2017 so this is the first class I’ve watched go from little wide-eyed freshman to full fledged adults ready to take on the world. I personally am SO PROUD of each and every one of you and on behalf of the department we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Second, we have an amazing Prof that we need to lift up with the biggest “Thank YOU!” I’m talking about C Heaps. Not only did they take the daunting task to step into some of the biggest shoes left empty after the retirement of Ed Menta, but they did it in such a warm, thoughtful and collaborative way. C has dedicated much time and commitment to the department and this is their last quarter here. If you have taken a class, served on a committee, or been directed by C at some point in the last 3 years, please send them an email or note of thanks and wish them well. THANK YOU C!

Whoa….déjà vu? Yes, you heard this in week 9, it’s a repeat- so nice it needs to be heard twice. Put down the finals flash cards and soak up a little sun and art.​
On Friday (that’s tonight!), June 4 6-8pm Art Hop happening in downtown Kalamazoo. There’s so much to see and do during Art Hop they developed an app. Download the Kalamazoo Art Hop app on your smartphone to get the full schedule or go to: https://kalamazooarthop.org/​. May I recommend a stop by our own, Jon Reeves at the Parks Trades Center to see his blacksmith talents in person?June 4 and 5 is also Art on the Mall in downtown Kalamazoo, over 35 local and regional artistic booths to wander and shop and live performances as well. For more details go here: https://www.kalamazooarts.org/art-on-the-mall/

Well, that’s the last of 2020-2021 year’s newsletters. You are probably already thinking Summer thoughts. This is a reminder from your Prof to read over the break. May I recommend the entire Brother/Sister triptych of plays by Terrell Alvin McCraney? We will be producing Marcus, Or the Secret of Sweet next Spring and it would be great to have all that background info sitting in your head in time for auditions. I’ve got the McCraney plays on my list for sure but first, I think I’m going to finally get to a book I’ve had that’s just utter fluff. Seriously, I don’t remember the title, but it’s about…idk, romance on the Oregon Trail. All I know is some locked legs are sticking out of a covered wagon on the cover, and that feels about right for a beach read.

P.S. You also have my permission to read some utter fluff just for the fun of it.

Have a wonderful Summer everyone, see you next Fall!

Professor Lori Sands

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