Festival Playhouse presents: The Compass

by Michael Rohd
Directed by Dr. “C” Heaps

February 25-28, 2021

Set Design by Lanny Potts
Projection by Angela Mammel ’22
Costumes by Lori Sands
Photography by Andy Krieger

Reference The Compass program for further credits and information.


Emma Fergusson ’22 (Prosecutor, Ms. Ellis): This was a really cool show. Being able to put this production on a physical stage and perform it in-person during such a crazy time to be doing theater was a super fun (if not a little stressful) experience that I’m very grateful for. The ever-looming threat of being shut down stopped me from taking the show for granted and made me all the more thankful for everyone on the cast and crew. I’ll probably never see a real day in court but having had the opportunity to play a prosecuting attorney on stage, I can confirm that interrupting a cross-examination by jumping up and shouting, “I object!” is extremely satisfying.

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