Festival Playhouse presents: Well-Intentioned White People

Written by Rachel Lynett
Directed by Ren Pruis

November 4-7, 2021

Scenic Design by Lanford J. Potts
Lighting Design by Lanford J. Potts with Alex Quesada ’25
Costumes by Lori Sands with Grace Cancro’ 25
Photography by Kristy Barrett ’23

Reference the Well-Intentioned White People program for further credits and information.


Cameo Green ’23 (Cass): Performing as Cass in Well-Intentioned White People, I would say that it was my first time being involved in theatre at Kalamazoo College. I got to know so many wonderful people through this play, and fell in love with the theatre community of K College. I was honored to be cast in such an pivotal play with such a pivotal message.

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Festival Playhouse presents: Water by the Spoonful

by Quiara Alegría Hudes
Directed by Bianca Washington

May 20-23, 2021

Set Design by Lanny Potts
Projection by Angela Mammel ’22
Costumes by Lori Sands
Photography by Andy Krieger

Reference the Water by the Spoonful program for further credits and information.


Alonte Mitchell ’21 (Odessa/Haikumom): I’m so happy that Water by the Spoonful was the last show I did at K because it was such a great note to end on. It was so rewarding to play Odessa because it was the first time I played a character like her and there was just so much meaningful work that went into embodying her and her experience. The AMAZING cast and crew really made it all worth while. It was an energetic, honest, and open space to really bring these characters to life and to tell their story well!

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Festival Playhouse presents: The Compass

by Michael Rohd
Directed by Dr. “C” Heaps

February 25-28, 2021

Set Design by Lanny Potts
Projection by Angela Mammel ’22
Costumes by Lori Sands
Photography by Andy Krieger

Reference The Compass program for further credits and information.


Emma Fergusson ’22 (Prosecutor, Ms. Ellis): This was a really cool show. Being able to put this production on a physical stage and perform it in-person during such a crazy time to be doing theater was a super fun (if not a little stressful) experience that I’m very grateful for. The ever-looming threat of being shut down stopped me from taking the show for granted and made me all the more thankful for everyone on the cast and crew. I’ll probably never see a real day in court but having had the opportunity to play a prosecuting attorney on stage, I can confirm that interrupting a cross-examination by jumping up and shouting, “I object!” is extremely satisfying.

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Festival Playhouse presents: Kokoro

by Velina Hasu Houston
Directed by Ynika Yuag ’21

October 22-23, 2020

Set Design by Chris Diaz ’21
Costumes by Marie Townsend ’21
Photography by JR Sheriff

Reference the Kokoro (True Heart) program for further credits and information.


Fadi Muallem ’24 (Hiro): This play was my first true in person play at K. It helped me meet a lot of new colleagues that made the production more fun on a rehearsal to rehearsal basis. Also, being the second play I’ve ever done, this production helped me improve technique and overall comfortability on stage, and I would not have been able to do it without many around me that were confident in my ability to take on a larger role.

Ynika Yuag ’21 (Director): I am eternally indebted to Velina, all the folks who worked on this show, and Franzia boxed wine. Read my full SIP (Unprecedented and Overdue: On Directing Kokoro (True Heart) by Velina Hasu Houston) if you want to learn more about why this show was important to do and important to do at K (spoiler alert: racism is bad and it’s everywhere in theatre, especially at K!) So grateful to do this show with Rebecca, Milan, Autumn, Fadi, and Karly and imagine new futures of theatre together.

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Festival Playhouse presents: K

by Kalamazoo College students
Directed by Emilio Rodriguez

Nov 13, 2020

In Spring of 2020, Kalamazoo College welcomed guest artists to work with Kalamazoo College students to create a piece of devised theatre. In Fall of 2020, the show, K, was produced virtually. You can watch the multimedia production here.

Reference the K virtual program for further credits and information.

What is Devised Theatre?

Devised theatre is a method of creating an original work by an ensemble. Inherent in the creative process is the invitation for participants to share that which is most important to them and collectively tell a story. A story that needs telling. To this community. Now.


Winter 2020

In early March, Jens Rasmussen, co-founder of the Bechdel Project, hosted aseries of workshops aimed at generating a student-focused discussion.

What is important to you? What is being said, and how, to whom, where, and when? What is not being said? What issues or concerns do you have that need to be addressed at K? What are your hopes and dreams for yourself? For this community? For the world?

Spring 2020

Director Emilio Rodriguez of The Black and Brown Theatre Company in Detroit, MI, taught a class on Devised Theatre.

Throughout the course, students built upon the themes and issues raised during the Winter term with Jens Rasmussen (above) to develop an original script, titled “K”, that speaks to the ideals, concerns, and hopes of current K-students.

Fall 2020

“K”, the devised script, was virtually produced as part of the 57th Festival Playhouse season, directed by Emilio Rodriguez. View the multimedia production online, for free, here.

Production Photo

Actors with shocked reactions on a Zoom call

Festival Playhouse presents: Silent Sky

by Lauren Gunderson

Directed by Ren Berthel

February 27- March 1, 2020

Stage Floor Design by Raven Wynd

Lighting/Set Design by Lanny Potts

Costumes by Lori Sands

Assistant Scenic Design- Angela Mammel

Audience Reviews of Silent Sky:

“One of the most beautiful shows I have seen in years.”

ACTF Respondent, Mark Hoffland of Albion College

Festival Playhouse Presents: Student Body

Student Body by Frank Winters

Directed by Bianca Washington

February 21-24, 2019. The Playhouse

Synopsis: A camera is found that contains a video of a sexual assault. 10 college students meet in an empty theatre to decide whether or not to bring the footage to the police. The more they discuss the issue, the more complicated it gets.