Festival Playhouse presents: Well-Intentioned White People

Written by Rachel Lynett
Directed by Ren Pruis

November 4-7, 2021

Scenic Design by Lanford J. Potts
Lighting Design by Lanford J. Potts with Alex Quesada ’25
Costumes by Lori Sands with Grace Cancro’ 25
Photography by Kristy Barrett ’23

Reference the Well-Intentioned White People program for further credits and information.


Cameo Green ’23 (Cass): Performing as Cass in Well-Intentioned White People, I would say that it was my first time being involved in theatre at Kalamazoo College. I got to know so many wonderful people through this play, and fell in love with the theatre community of K College. I was honored to be cast in such an pivotal play with such a pivotal message.

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