Festival Playhouse presents: Unzipped

Written and performed by Rebecca Chan ’22
Directed by Milan Levy ’23
Presented through the Senior Performance Series

Oct 21-24, 2021

Scenic and Projection Design by Angela Mammel ’22
Lighting Design by Sara Elfring ’24
Costumes by Lori Sands
Photography by Kristy Barrett ’23

Reference the Unzipped program for further credits and information.


Rebecca Chan ’22 (Playwright, Composer, Performer): There are so many stories and reflections I could document here, but I’ll leave you with this, a note I wrote for the program which ultimately, to conserve space, was cut:

This show is my heart and soul. It is a love letter to my grandmother. It is a tribute to my father. It is the synthesis of all that I am and all I have learned put onto the stage for you to see. This show is so much more than even I can understand, but there is one thing it soundly is not: this show is not my conclusion. Every play has an ending. Every satisfying play has a resolution. I have arranged my life into a narrative for you to debate and dissect, relate to and reject, and that narrative has a conclusion. But this is not my conclusion. I thank you for your presence here today, and as you continue on your own journey, I hope you remember that you do not need to reach your conclusion. Our lives are not neat narratives, and our truths are not simple statements. No matter how many times it is denied, indulge in your complexity. Don’t ever let them take it away.

Sierra Hieshetter ’25 (Assistant Stage Manager): This was my first ever show with Kalamazoo College, and I could not be more grateful for the experience. It was such an amazing production, and I feel so honored to have been able to play a small part in telling Rebecca’s story. I met so many amazing people, and I cannot wait to continue to work with this company throughout my years at K! So thankful for this entire show!

Angela Mammel ’22 (Scenic and Projection Designer): Unzipped was my SIP show, and it was the perfect culmination of my time studying theatrical design and technology at K. Not only did it give me an opportunity to have my scenic design work be fully realized for the first time, but it also presented me with eleven beautiful songs to design projections for. Working on this show truly increased my love for projection design, and solidified my desire to pursue it as a future career. I feel so lucky that Rebecca trusted me with their story in this process, and was honored that I got to work alongside a team of lovely people during the production!

Ynika Yuag ’21 (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Percussion): It was such a gift to be able to return to K after graduation and participate in Rebecca’s show as a musician. I never participated in instrumental ensembles at K despite playing casually for years, so I’m grateful to Rebecca, Milan, and the production team for their trust in the process and the opportunity to work on this SIP.

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