Festival Playhouse Newsletter- FA’21 Week 6

Good afternoon Mr and Ms America and all her ships at sea, important announcements to follow…yes I know it’s not Friday…
So it’s 6 week and you all are still here! Great to have you all around and hear actors, musicians and technicians making a joyful noise in the building! 
This will be short so read it all!
The Dungeon show opens tonight! It is a must see production! Seating is limited so get your tickets! Info to follow.

SPS: Unzipped by Rebecca Chan ’22

Oct. 21-24

Unzipped, an original show of alternating music and monologues, explores the perception of East Asians in the dominant United States’ culture and Rebecca’s own coming-of-age as a queer Chinese-American. The production will also feature set and projection design from Angela Mammel ’22.

Order tickets now!

Content Warning: Racial violence and language
Tickets: https://festivalplayhouse.kzoo.edu/

And keep in mind we have a show in the Festival Playhouse 8th week! More information to follow next week I’m sure.
As always study hard, but find little moments for yourself and others!
Look at you! You read all the way to the end! I told you it would be short! You should go have a cookie or some ice cream!

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