Festival Playhouse Newsletter- Week 5

So much going on in Week 5, Let’s just dive right in…

Happening Tonight! Monkapult is BACK ON! Whether you’ve never seen the improv troupe or you’re a longtime fan catch their comedic stylings TONIGHT 10pm in the Recital Hall.

Helpful Masks: In need of a mask? The Department of Theatre is distributing FREE MASKS​​ made courtesy of Costume Shop students. Pick up by the call board.

Homecoming News: Students! Come as you are able and meet some of the alumni visiting for Homecoming! This is an informal event from 1-2:30pm in the Playhouse Lobby. Alumni will enter there, go into the Playhouse to see the set of Well-Intentioned White People, then some will drift down to the Green Room, the gallery, production office, and Seminar Library. (Unless there is a scheduled break during this period, they will not go into the Dungeon since tech for Unzipped will be in progress.) There is no official tour–this is just how this works organically. Alumni are always excited to see their old haunts (!) and also sneak a peek at what you as current students are doing. Come over and say hello! Stop them in the hallway and introduce yourself! Who knows: one of these professional theatre artists might become a mentor, so don’t be shy!

Speaking of Alums…We are always excited to share the many great things that our alums are up to… Kate Kreiss will begin working at the Strasberg Institute in NYC at the beginning of the year as Program Coordinator for the Young Actors Studio program.  If you are participating in the GLCA NY Arts Program in Winter term, be sure to say hello to Kate!

If you are an alum of Kalamazoo College, we want to hear what you are up to! Drop us a line and let us know.

Plan ahead for UNZIPPED: Unzipped, a play written and acted by Senior Rebecca Chan and directed by Senior Milan Levy opens in Week 6. There will be a talkback on opening night, Thursday October 21. Show runs, Thurs, Fri, Sat 7:30pm, Sun 2:00pm in the Dungeon Theatre. Small audience with social distancing, proof of vax and masks worn at all times while in the theatre. Get your tickets early: https://festivalplayhouse.ludus.com/index.phpLudus – Festival Playhouse of Kalamazoo College We are committed to providing an unforgettable experience for all guests, staff and artists in a safe and healthy environment. To ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, we have developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan, which follows the most current guidelines of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Michigan State Department of Health and Federal Occupational …festivalplayhouse.ludus.com.

Even MORE theatre happening….
Would you like to see a professional equity theatre production?  Right here in Kalamazoo?  As a special “welcome back” opportunity, Artistic Director Jeremy Koch is offering a discount to Friends of Festival Playhouse to see Jason Robert Brown’s Songs for a New World – the talent is amazing!  Tickets are normally $40.  But for you?  Details here:  *Use promo code online of SONGS to get $10 tix on Fri/Sat/Sun or $5 tix on Thursday.  Go to:  www.farmersalleytheatre.com for LUDUS link. COVID PROTOCOLS: FAT requires proof of vax and all audience members to wear a Mask in the theatre.

ACTF for 2021/2022: Here’s a note from Lanny on ACTF and Kalamazoo College for the 2021-2022 Season…  Dear friends of Festival Playhouse, while we will be participating as an “associate entry” for our mainstage productions this season, we have made a decision to not attend the conference in person as a department.  While there is tremendous benefit to our department and our students to attend the conference (jobs, internships, polishing up your professional work and portfolio, preparation for auditions, networking, seeing theatre, etc.); there is also risk.  As the artistic director for Festival Playhouse, here is my thinking:  if my #1 priority is to provide a “live” production experience for our students, then, if I take a bundle of students to an ACTF conference with 3,000 attendees, who may or may not be masked, who may or may not be vaccinated, who may or may not practice social distancing, who may or may not be practicing safe COVID practices….. THEN, I am placing our ENTIRE COMPANY at risk.  Would something happen?  I don’t know.  MIGHT something happen.  Quite possibly.  While it’s also true that with all we are doing internally here may still mean that one of our own company members becomes COVID positive, we’re doing much to minimize our risk.  I will work with ANY student who is seeking an “outside” professional experience, and, it is my hope that we will return to attending the conference next academic year.

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