Festival Playhouse presents: Kokoro

by Velina Hasu Houston
Directed by Ynika Yuag ’21

October 22-23, 2020

Set Design by Chris Diaz ’21
Costumes by Marie Townsend ’21
Photography by JR Sheriff

Reference the Kokoro (True Heart) program for further credits and information.


Fadi Muallem ’24 (Hiro): This play was my first true in person play at K. It helped me meet a lot of new colleagues that made the production more fun on a rehearsal to rehearsal basis. Also, being the second play I’ve ever done, this production helped me improve technique and overall comfortability on stage, and I would not have been able to do it without many around me that were confident in my ability to take on a larger role.

Ynika Yuag ’21 (Director): I am eternally indebted to Velina, all the folks who worked on this show, and Franzia boxed wine. Read my full SIP (Unprecedented and Overdue: On Directing Kokoro (True Heart) by Velina Hasu Houston) if you want to learn more about why this show was important to do and important to do at K (spoiler alert: racism is bad and it’s everywhere in theatre, especially at K!) So grateful to do this show with Rebecca, Milan, Autumn, Fadi, and Karly and imagine new futures of theatre together.

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