Festival Playhouse Newsletter- Week 10 FA’20

Week 10/ Exam Week Newsletter

1.     Congratulations! You’ve made it this far and are almost done with the fall term! It has been challenging, but we’re almost to the finish line! Go, go, go!

2.     Aly Homminga ’20 directed a play virtually! She’s currently living in CA and plans to move to Japan in the spring where she will be teaching, directing, and acting. Here’s what she shared about the play:
“The play I am directing is called ‘Waiting for Doggot’ (yes, titled after the Beckett classic Waiting for Godot). It is a comedy that about a woman, Deninne, (played by LSTFI’s very own Sid Parker) and her mother-in-law struggling to co-exist when they move in together during quarantine. Their drama is juxtaposed with the life of Deninne’s dog, Bruce, as he struggles with no one playing with him. 

It is part of a larger festival for Imaginarium Theatre Company, a new theatre company based in NYC, dedicated to ‘creating stimulating stories for the modern world with environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive practices’ (from their mission statement). The festival is their inaugural fundraiser so they can produce more theatre in the future. 

‘Waiting for Doggot’ was presented yesterday, Saturday, November 21; it was the only performance of the production.

3.     By the way, if you are in touch with theatre alumni, please send their news our way so we can celebrate them more widely! (Thanks in advance!)

4.     Looking ahead: auditions for our winter production of The Compass, by Michael Rohd and directed by “C” Heaps will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, January 5-6, 7pm with callbacks on Thursday, January 7, 7pm. More information will be shared on our department website under “get involved/audition information” as it comes available.

5.     Local news: Theatre Kalamazoo is launching a marketing campaign throughout the city which will rotate features on member theatres accompanied by a message along the lines of, “Stay safe, mask up, and we’ll be here for you when this is over!” Discussion is also underway for more collaborations between theatres for future productions such as the one Face Off and Festival Playhouse did in producing The Mountaintop a few years back.

Best wishes with exams, and continue to stay safe: we need to take care of one another and we can do that by taking care of ourselves too.  That said, enjoy the holidays; next year, this will be a thing of the past. We WILL get through this together.

Peace always,

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