Thank you Dr. “C”!

After working here for three years, Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts Dr. “C” Heaps will be leaving Kalamazoo College. Thank you “C” for all you’ve taught us and contributed to our community!

In addition to teaching the only directing course and the only playwriting course at K, “C” developed a new sophomore seminar called Live Media Virtual Performance and taught many theatre history courses including Asian Theatre, Theatre of Illusionism, and Theatre of Revolt.

I’ve really appreciated “C”‘s passion during lectures, and willingness to let students take projects wherever they desire. I especially am indebted to them for pushing me out of my comfort range at the end of last year during Theatre of Revolt, and of course for their guidance on my SIP.​ Their deep well of knowledge will be missed!

Lukia Artemakis ’21

During their three years at K, “C” not only taught several courses, but also directed two productions, The Spitfire Grill and The Compass, and advised the Play Selection Advisory Council. “C” encouraged students to use resources like New Play Exchange, which allowed students to learn about lesser-known plays and support working playwrights.

I had the pleasure of being taught by “C” three times within the past two years. They played a huge part in my transition to college. They have always been helpful, fun and insightful. What I loved about “C” was that they taught things beyond the generic. My mind has expanded more and my perspective have grown because of what “C” had encouraged in the classroom and outside of the class.  And I wanna thank them for being the faculty that have been the voice of the students, especially in PSAC. I always felt comfortable and heard in the presence of Dr. ‘C’ Heaps. They will be truly missed.

Milan Levy ’23

“C” received a PhD in Theatre History, Theory, and Literature from Indiana University. Their thorough and interdisciplinary knowledge of theatre history, translation, dramaturgy, and esports brought a new and enriching perspective to the classroom.

“C” taught me a lot about non-Western theatre, which is a subject that maybe one other theatre educator in my life has ever taught me about. I enjoyed learning about their work in Brazil translating and directing plays, and have always appreciated their support in my pursuit of theatre work that decenters Whiteness and Western-ness.

Ynika Yuag ’21

Thank you for everything “C”! We appreciate all you gave to this community, and we hope we were able to give back to you. Good luck as you continue your career. We’ll be cheering you on from the wings!

“C”, it was really fantastic being a part of your classes as well as having the privilege of being directed by you during your time at K. I learned a lot and really felt my confidence grow – thanks for being such a great professor!

Sedona Coleman ’23

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