Festival Playhouse Newsletter- WI’22 Week 3

Hello everyone!

THURSDAY, this week, January 27:  SOPHOMORES who are considering Theatre as a major or minor, please come to an information session with Ren (and possibly other theatre faculty who are able to make it, and possibly DSA Rebecca Chan) at 4:10 in Balch Playhouse Lobby. Sadly, I cannot feed you outright, but hopefully a take-away snack of some sort can still be arranged.  Last year we couldn’t do this at all, so the no-food option is a step in the happier direction.  Get your questions answered, or just let me know of your interest and intent!  DOM Day is week 5 Wednesday, online again this year, for Sophomores.  

Speaking Theatre majors, we heard from Kyle Lampar ’17, and he is now working as Asst. Box Office Treasurer for The Westside Theatre in NYC!  

Festival Playhouse is still (at the time of this writing at least) in need one actor.  The details have been sent through this alias more than once already, so I will not repeat it all again here BUT if you know anyone, or you yourself are now interested and available, please contact either Janai Lashon (director) or Lanny Potts (Director of Festival Playhouse). Or even me, I can get you connected to the appropriate personnel!

That is all for now.  Stay warm.  Stay safe.  


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