Festival Playhouse Newsletter- WI’22 Week 4

Good evening everyone here and at sea, first the news…
Actually it’s been a quiet week and not quite the middle of the term so I have very little to say…
The two shows seem to be doing well as far as the rehearsal reports tell me, more information on them will come next week I suspect.
Although cold, the sun is out and it seems pleasant! We call that a win in Michigan…
Below is some info that you will find interesting.

Don’t you just love our Playhouse? Isn’t the Dungeon a cool space? Share your stories and perspectives as a tour guide for the LFAB! We need people to talk about all the artistic possibilities here. When Admissions has their next Visit the Zoo, we’d like to offer opportunities for those h.s. seniors who want to know more about us. Please contact Meaghan Kelly ’23 to help us out! Thank you in advance!

So even though this was short, I am happy you read it all! Go reward yourself with a treat of some kind, ice cream, a cookie or two, maybe a nice dinner at Roca, I don’t know but something! 
Be well!

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