Festival Playhouse Newsletter- WI’22 Week 7

Doesn’t Week 7 always feel like that “hump week” of the term? It’s past the midpoint but still so. far. from. the end? Well fear not my chickadees because I have some news to put into your Daytimer (does anyone use one of those still?) that’s going to fill up your Week 8. Earlier today Festival Playhouse sent a flyer highlighting our Theatre Guest Artists: Playwright Kevin Renn and Director Janai Lashon of our show Blacks + Phats. All these events are coming up this next week. Refer to the flyer for more specific details, but here are the quick dates for your Daytimer:

  • Monday, Feb. 21, 5:30–discussion and dinner (to go) at the Intercultural Center on Campus (for K -students only)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 22, 7:30–community discussion with Renn about his journey as a Black playwright at Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership on Campus (open to the public; free)
  • Thursday, Feb. 24, 7:30pm–opening night followed by talkback with audience, Renn, Lashon, cast, crew

Blacks + Phats is our Mainstage Winter Production in our 58th season of “Black is Beautiful: An Ode to Black Life, Love and Strength “. This quick-witted comedy tackles black life and beauty stereotypes and runs from February 24-27. Tickets are required to be pre-ordered and are free to all K students and faculty.  Reserve tickets here.

Get involved! We need ushers for the upcoming performances of Blacks + Phats. Students are encouraged to contact Arman Khan (Arman.Khan20@kzoo.edu), House Manager for details.

If you are still living in the early 2000’s and your Daytimer is still out let’s look forward just a bit to Week 9 when we do our (Trumpets Blaring!) Season Announcement for 2022-2023!  Join us in the Playhouse lobby March 3 at 4:15pm for some “Spillin’ The Tea With Nelda” and takeaway snacks.

Yes, it’s in Week 1 of Spring term, but I don’t want it lost in the shuffle so dig out the Daytimer again (ok, it’s me, I’m the one with a Daytimer still) and pencil in March 29 or 30 at 7pm to audition for Marcus or The Secret of Sweet in the Festival Playhouse. This is a powerfully beautiful play about marginalized people in Louisiana. But we need YOU to tell this tell this tale. Looking for 10 people of Color, info here

There is still time to apply for the internships that were in last week’s newsletter, but deadlines are approaching quickly. Looking for a theatre internship? Go here

Wow you’re at the end! You did great! Now pack up your Daytimer and Gel pens, hop on your Razor scooter and zoom on out of here.

Lori Sands
Resident Artist and Instructor
Costuming and Stage Makeup

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